Why Do Dogs Need a Bed?

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Every dog needs to have their own bed, even if they like to curl up next to you or on your bed – even two, if possible. There are many reasons to giving your dog their bed, someplace where they can nap in or rest during the day, even if they sleep elsewhere at night.

So, why do dogs need a bed?

Why You Should Get Your Dog a Bed

Your dog shouldn’t be sleeping on the floor, even if they can technically curl up and sleep anywhere. And if you’re honest, you might appreciate having more space on your bed, though you love having the dog near you at bedtime.

Learn below why you should invest in a good doggy bed for your best friend, and how to choose the right bed for them.

Giving Them Their Own Space

Just like humans, dogs need a space that is only theirs within the house, where they are the be-all and say-all.

The house belongs to someone, and even the dogs that stay outside the home have their kennels. Without their own space, your dog might feel like they’re at the mercy of the ‘real owners’ of the house.

Giving your dog their own bed gives them a domain to retreat to when they want some alone time.

Also, if they have somewhere to sleep, it will be easy to keep them from sleeping where you don’t want them to. You can keep them from scratching or leaving fur on your carpets and cozy bedding with the simple act of giving them their bed.


Your dog needs about 12-14 hours of sleep every day – that’s a lot of sleeping time. That’s why they need a cozy and comfortable space where they can stretch out and sleep properly for continued wellness.

Whether your dog likes to stretch out or curl up, there’s a comfy dog bed made for that. Without it, you may be forcing him to sleep in unnatural positions that affect the quality of rest they get.

Sleeping on hard surfaces like the floor can damage your dog’s bones, even if they are young, active, and healthy. If your dog is elderly, arthritic, disabled, or sick, it becomes all the more important to have a unique doggy bed made to ensure their utmost comfort while they sleep.

Older dogs should have an orthopedic dog bed, or a memory foam mattress topper to make them more comfortable.

Why Do Dogs Need a Bed


The truth is that dogs aren’t the cleanest of animals around – certainly not as clean as human beings. In their natural environment, dogs interact with a lot of dirt, mud, and even animal droppings, and they can quickly transfer this dirt into your house in places you wouldn’t like.

You can keep him and the rest of your home hygienic by designating a doggy bed for them. Get a bed with a removable and machine-washable cover for easy cleaning when soiled – even if that happens twice a week.

That way, you won’t be stuck policing their every movement outside because they’ll be sleeping on your bed, furniture or carpet later.

Instead, they can freely explore to their heart’s content and then relax in their bed, which you can clean easily. This is definitely a lot easier than combing through your entire house with a vacuum to remove dirt and animal fur.

Human Allergies

Finally, if someone in your family has allergies, having designated zones for your dog can help to protect them from flare-ups. Your dog should sleep somewhere that doesn’t interfere with the regular movement of the person with the allergies.

Given how long dogs sleep, giving them a bed can make it easy for the family member and your pet to co-exist in the same space.

What Kind of Bed Should You Get?

Dog beds can be as simple or as fancy as you want, from a large old pillow to a wrought-iron canopy bed. The kind of bed to buy depends on your budget, tastes, décor, and, most importantly, how your dog sleeps. Watch out for the way your dog lies when they are at their most comfortable.

If they like to stretch out, getting a flat mattress according to their size is advisable. If they’re curler-uppers, you want an oval-shaped or circular pillow, sort of like a beanbag chair. The size of your dog will determine the size of the chair.

Heated or orthopedic beds may be indicated for older dogs or those with other medical needs. Huge dogs may need the support of a box-spring type bed, as will dogs with structural (bone) ailments.

Whichever bed you buy, make sure it has a removable cover with waterproof underpadding for easy cleaning. The padding is especially helpful if you have a sick or otherwise incontinent dog. The cover can be removed and thrown into your machine as often as it becomes soiled.

Make sure the surface is soft, plush, and comfortable against the skin of your dog – remember that dogs have very thin and sensitive skin.


We hope this post has answered the question: why do dogs need a bed?

Having understood the importance of having a dedicated doggy bed for your furry friend, always work extra hard to keep it clean to prevent the buildup of germs or unpleasant odors.

You want your dog to be completely comfortable on their bed, and no one likes to be in filth when they’re resting, napping, or sleeping.

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