The Best Dog Gates for Dog Training​

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Having a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. They provide you with unconditional love, support, and plenty of good times. This is however, if you have a well behaved dog. Dogs that jump on people and jump dog gates is a common issue that many owners face when owning a pet.

With proper dog gate training and a sturdy dog gate, you can enjoy more time bonding with your canine friend, instead of keeping him off guests and out of unwanted areas.

Dog Jumping Can be a Huge Issue

Many people don’t mind if a dog jumps on them. However, once this behavior is allowed, it can become a safety hazard to some people. You have to consider the consequences of not stopping dog jumping by being pro-active.

While it may be cute that Fido greets you at the door with a hug that may seem harmless to you, allowing this behavior can be detrimental to some people’s safety and well-being. Some portions of the population are especially vulnerable to getting injured by a jumping pup-

  • Elderly individuals
  • People who are disabled
  • Sick of Chronically ill People
  • Small Children
  • Pregnant women

Why do Dogs Jump Gates?

Dogs jump gates for various reasons. If any of their basic needs aren’t being met, they are more likely to be curious about jumping over blocked areas of your home. Making sure that they are getting enough exercise is crucial to keeping them well- behaved.

They also need good dog toys to keep them entertained. They require plenty of socialization and love. Make sure they have plenty of stimulation available in the area in which they are kept in. Some reasons they may jump fences, gates and on people are-

  • They see a new in individual entering their home that they would to  meet. 
  • If outside, they may see an animal that they want to chase around 
  • They are suffering from anxiety from being separated from their owner
  • They are scared to be left in a room or area alone 
  • They hear noises coming from outside or other areas of the home 
  • They start to associate a certain area with them being “punished”, or that you are leaving if     they are placed there.
  • You have other animals in the house that they want to get to.
  • They are looking for a mate if it is an outside area  

Behavior Modification for Dog Gate Training and Why Pushing them off Doesn’t Work

If you are trying to get your dog not to jump on people, gates or fences, you may start to notice that just shoving them off isn’t working. That is because it is attention seeking behavior in many instances.

It can even be seen as a game to many dogs. If they jump, and you just push them off, they will most likely come back, and get pushed off again and again. If you keep pushing them off, it will keep happening.

Find Something for Him to Do Instead

Be proactive about jumping dogs. Start training with practicing when entering the home. Look past them and walk away and put your items away first. Don’t acknowledge them until you put your coat, keys and other belongings where they normally go.

Do what you need to do before greeting your pup. This will develop a pattern of them seeing that jumping has no desired effects. Once you are done with what you need to do, give your pup lots of affection and a treat. They will begin to associate “no jumping with positive reinforcement.”

He is Trained to not Jump on People, Now What?

Once you have taught them that jumping on people has no desired effects, you can move on to gates you are trying to keep them from jumping over. Start with door training when you come home.

Next you can move on to gate training your dog. When they see they are not getting a reaction from you when they jump people, they may associate that with not jumping gates. If this isn’t happening right away, you can try other techniques.

Practicing sitting, when in front of the gate, then rewarding them, with affection and treats, will show them that not jumping gates, brings pleasurable rewards for them. Make sure all members of the home are practicing sit when he is by any gate or fence. If he is quite excited, then try using a leash.

Ask someone to assist you. Have them start to move closer to the dog, at a slow pace. Hold the leash while they walk towards you. Have your assistant keep walking towards the dog while he is on a leash and reward him each time he doesn’t jump. This will also show that jumping equals no rewards, whereas no jumping equals being pet, and getting a snack.

Practice Makes Perfect

Keep up this training with as many individuals as you can get to help you. The more the merrier in this situation. You want them to be ready for any person or exciting thing that they see.

Once they master this part, try having the other assistants try the door portion we mentioned earlier. You want them to become accustomed to different people. Start with the leash, and wean off as he improves.

Get Gates that He Does not Want to Jump Over

The internet and pet stores offer a variety of gates for different situations. We have compiled a list of the best dog gates on Amazon to make it easier for you to find a top selling dog gate. If you have small children, some work well as a dual doggy gate and baby gate. This can prevent your pets from jumping on your kids and vice versa.

1. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door


If you live with a medium or large sized dog, this gate is perfect for you it is expandable up to four inches wider for doors that have varying dimensions. It can fit doors that range from twenty none to thirty six and a half inches wide.

Made from all steel, it is extremely sturdy for your canine friend. It is also thirty inches tall, so jumping it isn’t quite as enticing as a shorter gate is. It comes with a pressure mounted kit for easy installation. 

2. SPIRICH 96-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog Gate


From famous dog accessory company, SPSPIRICH this gate is perfect to meet a variety of needs. This gate is an astounding minty six inches wide, for a variety of situations. Your pet no longer has to feel isolated from the rest of the family. It is free standing and works in many different situations. It is also able to be folded up and put away for quick storage. A walk thru area is included for you and other members of the household.

3. SunteeLong Pet Magic Gate for Dogs


This dog gate is great for doors that are of standard size and if you need an easy to carry portable dog gate. It can block stairs and doors. Since it is retractable, you can pass by with ease. It is also easy to carry and set up quickly.

Your pets can see through it but are made of woven mesh that is meant to withstand pets with its state of the art construction it is also a great gate if you are on a budget.

4. Internet’s Best Pet Gate with Arched Top


This curved top gate with arches comes pre-assembled with three panels for a variety of different situations. It is easily folded up and can be taken with you on the go. It is great for bringing your dog to a dog sitter or using at home. Both pets and children can benefit from this dog gate.

5. PAWLAND 96-inch Extra Wide Dog Gate for The House


This is a multi-use gate that is perfect for both new kittens and puppies as well as full-grown adult dogs. It can divide rooms, be pron for pets, and stands on its own making it incredibly versatile to meet a variety of needs.

It is constructed of wood and can be folded into a shape of a Z for halls and doorways. It can also be placed anywhere in a room to set up a portable play area to bring your pet with you wherever you are in the home. It is also assembled for you right out of the box.

6. PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs


This freestanding twenty four inch high, pet gate is perfect for smaller dogs. It is a worse model that comes assembled for you. It is freestanding so there are no hinges or struggling to make it fit through doors. It can fit a wide variety of doors as well as stairs and other areas you wish to block off.

7. Spirich Extra Wide and Tall Dog Gate


This gate is perfect for pets and children. It comes in a variety of colors and is both extra-wide and tall. With a staggering thirty-inch height and wide eighty-inch sprawling design, it can fit in any hall or doorway. It comes in a four-panel design and made of wire for extra security.

8. Unipaws Freestanding Woodand Wire Dog Play Pen and Gate


If you want a dog gate that had extra support, this one is for you. From Unipaws, this Z shaped gate stands on its own with two supportive feet to hold it up and keep it standing. Easy to store, and pre-assembled, it is a great pet divider for stairs and doors alike.

9. Cumbor 43.3”Auto Close Safety Baby and Pet Gate


For those who need a dual purpose gate that is extra tall, standing at thirty one inches for dogs that are larger, or difficult to keep from jumping, Cumbor has created a gate especially for you.

It is pressure mounted, and easy to set up in just a few moments. It can be pressure mounted, or secured with cups to make it easily attach to any wall. It also has an extension kit, for usage in a variety of situations. It doesn’t scuff up your doorways or walls.

10. Unipaws Pet Playpen with Wood and Wire


If you are looking for the king of the dog gates, Unipaws has created this for your dog in mind. It has six panels and is free-standing with supportive feet for the ultimate playpen, room divider, or door gate versatility. It is large yet easy to carry. It is great as your pet can get exercise in whatever area of the house you decide to place it

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