K9 Ballistics Dog Bed Review

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Whether you have a small or a large dog, the K9 Ballistics Dog Bed will deliver beyond expectations. Your dog can chew, dig, and nest on it as much as possible, but the bed will still hold up. Besides being durable, it’s also immensely supportive, especially for dogs that need orthopedic care.

If your dog suffers from morning incontinence, the bed will save you from dealing with his mess. The material is easy to clean and comes out of the washer looking as good as new. As a bonus, the bed doesn’t retain odor, and hair shakes right off.

The bed is worth every penny you pay for it.

Who is this Dog Bed Meant for?

The K9 Ballistic bed comes with several attractive features that make it ideal for dogs that love chewing. It’s designed to withstand digging, chewing, and nesting habits. It’s also meant for dogs with joint issues as it provides enough support and relief from pain.

What’s Included?

This bed is the most comfortable among dog beds in its class. The foam makes it firm enough to prevent your dog from sinking through the floor.

The bed comes with a chew-resistant cover that keeps the mattress from getting damaged by chewy dogs. It’s washable, easy to clean, and dries very fast. In addition, it’s resistant to grime, dirt, and smelly odors.

It comes with a frame that supports the bed and keeps it off the ground. The aluminum frame has been sealed and hardened to provide extra resistance to staining and chewing.

You’ll be happy to know that the K9 Ballistic bed has a six-month warranty. The guarantee covers damage caused by chewing, scratching, nesting, or digging.


One of the most outstanding features of the K9 Ballistic bed is its high-quality material. It’s made from high-density foam that makes it resistant to chewing, nibbling, scratching, biting, and nesting.

Durable Cover

The cover of the bed is sturdy and durable. It resists dirt, grime, and smelly odors. Whether you wash it by hand or machine, it comes out clean and looks as good as new.

The polyester material is enhanced with chemicals to make it impervious to detergents and water.

Coated Finish

The bed has a powder coating finish that improves its aesthetic appeal and increases durability. The frames have also been anodized and hardened to make them more resistant to pressure and accidents.

How to Use the K9 Ballistic Dog Bed

The bed can be used as a stand-alone or put in your dog’s crate. Depending on the bed’s size, it can also be used in the kennel to make a more comfortable home. Place the bed where your dog is most comfortable and clean it often to maintain proper hygienic conditions.


  • The outer cover of the bed is resistant to chewing and digging, making it durable
  • The bed comes with a frame for enhanced support
  • It can accommodate dogs of all sizes and support all weights
  • Doesn’t sink into the ground with continued use like some other beds
  • Good-quality finish that makes the mattress more durable


  • It’s not entirely chew-proof, and bigger dogs will destroy it quickly
  • Some dogs won’t like the bed, and the warranty only covers 75% of the value

Is your dog in the habit of chewing his bed and destroying it? If so, you need a dog bed that’ll withstand scratching, biting, and digging. The K9 Ballistics dog bed can be the right option, but what do you know?

In this K9 Ballistics dog bed review, we’ll help you learn more about the bed to determine if it’s something you can buy for your canine companion.


Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Bed

The K9 Ballistic Dog Bed is supposed to be chew-proof. While it may be suitable for small dogs, bigger dogs may need something to support their weight and chewing habits. If you’re looking for such a bed, an excellent alternative to the K9 dog bed is the Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Bed.

It’s designed as an orthopedic bed and comes with a washable, durable denim cover. The material is thick and has a durable zipper and extra stitching to keep it in good shape. The bed is available in seven sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

The bed is made from solid memory foam that supports infirm pets and promotes better sleep. Overall, the mattress is better than the average human-grade mattress. If you give it the required maintenance, your dog will use this bed for a long time.

Final Verdict

The K9 Ballistic dog bed is designed with comfort and durability in mind. It primarily caters to dogs that love chewing, biting, nesting, and digging. The memory foam is firm to help relieve pain from arthritis.

The bed has a powder coating finish to keep the frame sturdy for enhanced durability. Unfortunately, the K9 Ballistic bed may not be the best fit for larger and stronger dogs. Only consider it for smaller breeds that won’t cause much damage when they chew. Hopefully, this K9 Ballistics dog bed review will guide your purchase decisions.

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