19 Best Gifts for Dog Owners in 2022

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Dogs can’t just write a wish list of all the cool stuff they want. That places a greater burden on us, their human companions, to choose the finest playthings and snacks for our beloved canine companions. Here are the greatest gifts for dog owners (and the humans who love them) as we choose, including everything from the perfect puppy bed to a unique present for the dog owner!

19 Best Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

SodaPup eMat

eMat Lick Mat provides deliciously nutritious enrichment for SodaPups. A lick mat laden with healthy snacks is perfect for those times when you simply want your dog to relax.

Pet owners may spread peanut butter, fruit puree, yogurt, or anything their dog desires into the novelty-shaped cutouts of these thick rubber placemats (think little ducks or dog bones).

SodaPup Red Bones & Blue Jigsaw eMat Bundle – Durable Enrichment Feeders Made in USA from Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe, Food Safe Rubber for Avoiding Overfeeding, Digestive Health, Calming, & More
SodaPup Red Bones & Blue Jigsaw eMat Bundle – Durable Enrichment Feeders Made in USA from Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe, Food Safe Rubber for Avoiding Overfeeding, Digestive Health, Calming, & More

These bright and adorable mats are a present to the owners, as well as a treat for the dogs. Dogs might focus on a mat for up to 30 minutes, giving owners plenty of time to take care of errands or make phone calls.

A lick mat is perfect if your dog needs a diversion while being groomed or bathed. And after your dog is done licking the mat clean, you can pop it in the dishwasher, and it will be good to go for the next meal.

Kong Jumbler Ball

When it comes to dog toys, some pups can spend all day with the same old item, while others require variety. Toys like the Kong Jumbler Ball are great for a dog that values variety.

The squeaky tennis ball is contained in a transparent plastic shell with outer handles for easy picking up and tossing. So, your dogs can shake and throw it to their heart’s delight.

KONG - Jumbler Ball - Interactive Fetch Dog Toy with Tennis Ball (Assorted Colors) - for Medium/Large Dogs

This perfect gift was perfect for my friend’s hyperactive dog, Vesta, who seems like she could sprint a mile in under 30 seconds if given a chance.

Plastic Kong Wobblers may be stuffed with kibble or hard treats, and dogs rapidly catch on to the fact that shaking the toy results in a tasty treat falling out. Similar amusement may be had with wet food with the Kong Classic.

Outward Hound Tail Teaser 

Outward Hound Tail Teaser Durable Dog Wand with Soft Plush Toys

Sarah Fraser, the co-founder of Instinct Dog Behavior and Training in New York, likes using a flirt pole, which she describes as “like a gigantic cat toy,” with younger or teenage dogs. As a great replacement for real squirrels, it soon becomes a fan favorite for many canine companions. In addition, it’s a fantastic and easy way for the owner to stay fit. She recommends this Outward Hound product for small and medium-sized canines.

Aquapaw Slow Lick Mat

Aquapaw Lick Mat for Dogs, Puppies and Pets, Dog Lick Pad, Slow Feeder for Food, Treats, and Peanut Butter, Dog Stimulation Toy Suctions to Wall or Floor, Blue

Dogs sometimes make it difficult for their owners to take them for a bath by whimpering, yelping, and even making a few efforts to get away.

When bathing their dog, owners will appreciate the Aquapaw Slow Lick Mat as a mental stimulation tool. You may suction the mat to the wall, then fill the grooves with peanut butter, low-fat cream cheese, or another high-calorie food.

It prevents dogs from rapidly devouring their reward, giving groomers more time to give their pets a complete bath. We can all benefit from it.

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Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo is soap, paraben, and sulfate-free. Therefore, it leaves a dog’s skin soft and smelling fresh.

Some gift recipients claim that after only one usage of the cruelty-free shampoo, their dog’s skin problems improved, thanks to the shampoo’s soothing oatmeal and aloe vera ingredients. If you include a massage, bath time might seem like a day at the spa for your dog.

Petmolico Waste Bag Dispenser

Dog waste removal need not be a bother. You may proudly display this poop bag dispenser with its attached leash due to its eye-catching Rifle Paper Co. floral print in hot pink, coral, and teal. The dispenser is compact and light and can store a regular roll of bags plus a few snacks.

FurHaven Snuggery Burrow Bed

My Shiba Inu enjoyed the bed for more than four years. The hood of the FurHaven Snuggery bed is adjustable, so it can be used to make a cave for your dog or folded down to form a blanket to keep him warm.

There is an orthopedic-foam variant for older dogs or those with back issues and a cooling gel-infused model for dogs in warmer areas; both come in a variety of sizes and hues.

Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24 Gift for Pet Owner

With the Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24, you can easily keep an eye on your pet from wherever you are. Extensive testing showed that this low-priced, wireless interior security camera was a perfect replacement for more costly pet cams.

This Eufy model has two-way audio, can be set up in minutes, and delivers clear video day or night. In addition, you can use your smartphone to live stream the video or to trigger alerts if motion or sound is detected.

In addition to saving videos locally on a microSD card (available separately), users can now upload them to the cloud for 30 days (beginning at $3 per month). You may also use the Eufy app to invite some of your dog’s followers to watch the dog-themed reality show with you.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

It’s designed to be a cerebral challenge. It will help dogs break up the aggressiveness by making them pause and consider how to coax the creatures out of their hiding location.

Multiple dogs in a household may work together to catch the squirrels and then have some time to themselves to munch. My sister’s dachshunds really like this toy, and it’s truly a sight to watch two short, stocky sausage dogs racing about while dragging a plush tree trunk.

This toy is a favorite of several verified buyers and is often bought with Wild One Toy Kit.

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

This Majestic Pet bed has been our top selection for the best overall dog bed since we originally released the list in 2017, and your fur baby will enjoy nothing but peaceful dreams on it.

The machine-washable, ultra-plush microsuede cover is great since it can withstand a lot of wear and tear from scratches and gnawing. This bed is available in four sizes to accommodate canines up to 110 pounds, and its calm color palette works well with a wide range of interior design schemes.

This cuddler bed is the easiest to fill and the least likely to lose its form after washing, and according to one of our testers, it has lasted for five years with just a little wear and tear.

Taglory Personalized Reflective Collar

This pet gift is our go-to basic dog collar and will give you peace of mind if your dog ever gets away.

Your pet’s name and contact information may be embroidered on the front, eliminating the need for a separate ID tag and the potential hassle of losing it.

This collar is made of luminous nylon and is tough enough to last. The embroidered on the Orvis collar will not fade or peel, and the collar is quick and simple to put on and take off, thanks to a sturdy side-release clasp.

The fact that this collar can be easily adjusted and that your pet will like wearing it means that you will be more likely to put it to use.

Alex and Ani “I’m A Dog Mom” Charm Bangle

You could let your accessories do the talking and not pull out your phone the second you meet someone and show them all 2,405 photographs of your dog.

This pet memorial gift cleverly reworks the famous line from Mean Girls, “I’m not like a normal mom, I’m a cool mom,” as “I’m not like a typical mom, I’m a dog mom.” The addition of paw prints and love is a nice touch.

All metal pieces made by Alex and Ani are nickel-free and made in close collaboration with local producers in Rhode Island.

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws

When the furry members of the household join in on the excitement, pool days become even more memorable. Pups up to 65 pounds may ride on this SwimWays Paddle Paws float, although it’s best suited for smaller dogs.

It can also withstand being punctured, so no claws will be able to bring this spacecraft down. Your dog will be comfortable in the water thanks to the mesh bottom and inserts that let a little water in.

The float may be collapsed for storage or transferred to a different pool if you decide to take the gang away for the weekend.

Embark Breed + Health Kit

The Breed + Health Kit is Ready for Boarding with the Embark Breed + Health Kit, a DNA test that goes beyond ancestry to reveal a family tree. You may discover with certainty if your dog is part German shepherd or part Chihuahua.

Thanks to its wide breed database, thorough screening for hereditary diseases, and friendly customer service, it is our top option for the best dog DNA test as a gift. Embark analyzes your dog’s DNA for over 190 diseases and characteristics with a cheek swab.

In addition to answering your own questions about your dog’s ancestry, this test may tell you whether or not your pooch is a member of a breed more likely to have certain health problems.

Compared to other companies, we considered Embark’s customer service superior. After our tester got some reason to be worried, a veterinary geneticist offered to double-check what her puppy had found.

Ulikelife Custom Dog Socks Pet Owner Gift

Everybody can see what you’ve always known about your dog’s adorableness. Because you get to choose the picture and submit it straight to their amazon page, these personalized socks are certain to showcase your dog’s best features.

If you have many dogs and don’t want to be seen as favoring one over the other, you may have up to three distinct faces for each pair. These socks come in a wide range of sizes and colors, are really comfy, and will not prevent you from identifying your pet.

Images print cleanly, preventing faces from stretching out when worn.

Dogs Watching Adult Unisex T-Shirt

Life is Good Men's Standard Crusher Graphic T-Shirt I'll Be Watching You Dog, Darkest Blue, Large

It would be an understatement to say that we are obsessed with this tee. What’s even better? With your purchase, you’re helping save the lives of homeless dogs.

2-Pack of FurZapper

Although the Furzapper was designed with pet owners in mind, we believe it would benefit anybody with a furry friend in their household. Hair, lint, and other fuzzies are easily eliminated by just tossing them in with the wash.

Dog Hydration Container with Carrying Strap

It combines the functions of a water bottle with a bowl. What a fantastic development! Use this cup’s folded cap to give your dog a drink whenever and wherever you need to.

A Dog Bowl with Dog’s Name on It

You may order your own unique ceramic dog bowls, and they’ll look great in a rustic kitchen. Various colors match your décor, or get a bigger one for your huge dog.

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

This ridiculously adorable statue is ideal for those who care about their garden almost as much as they do about their dog. Each statue was sculpted by a local Californian artist after a design by artist Michael Gentilucci. The listed price is for the smallest available.

Final Thoughts

These gifts for dogs are fantastic, whether it’s a last-minute “just because” surprise or a planned celebration like a birthday or the holidays. At the very least, you shouldn’t leave your dog completely pawless. Don’t ignore your own feline companions while you’re at it.

Do you have more creative ideas for the gifts? If yes, let us know in the comment below!

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