8 Best Ferret Food in 2022

What is the best ferret food you can buy online? This is a common question among ferret owners. We don’t want to give our ferrets anything random.

Our first priority is providing for all of your ferret’s dietary needs, which is why we only buy the highest quality meals. Because of this, we did research and put together eight reviews of the best ferret food on the market right now. 

Marshall Premium (Best Quality)

Marshall Premium Ferret Food has a minimum of 38% crude protein because of the high protein requirements of ferrets. At the very least, 18% of the crude fat content is there to provide your ferret with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. 

This meal is offered in various package sizes, from seven pounds all the way up to thirty-five, for your convenience. However, be wary; the price is exorbitant in relation to the amount, and alternative meal options are available for less money but of less quality. 

Marshall Premium Ferret Diet, 18-Pound Bag

We loved this diet a lot since it’s suitable for ferrets of all ages, beginning at only six weeks. In addition, this meal can be added with a small amount of clean water. This is useful for young ferrets who don’t yet have all of their teeth. 

This mix has been fortified with vitamins and fats to provide your ferrets with the optimal diet they need. More importantly, our ferrets seemed to enjoy themselves. They showed little interest in trying other dishes, so it’s crucial to provide just those that they like eating. 

In conclusion, we think this is the best food for ferrets you can buy this year. 


  • Good for ferrets of all ages and sizes (packages range from 7 to 35 pounds);
  • Made with only fresh meat;
  • You can turn it into a paste with fresh water for animals that are teething; 


  • Expensive

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro (Best Price) 

If you’re looking for cheap, high-quality ferret food, we recommend Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Ferret Food since it contains at least 35% crude protein and is among the cheapest brands available. In addition, the crude fat content is 20%, and the protein content is 80%, so your ferrets will be well-fed. 

There’s more to balanced nutrition than simply fat and protein. For this reason, the manufacturer infused the Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro meal with beneficial probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, your ferrets’ hearts, eyes, and brains will thank you, and they will thank you even more for their guaranteed coat health. 

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Ferret Food 3lb

The little three-pound bag was the main issue we found with this food. This might take a while if you just have one ferret. But if you already have many, you can count on having to place yet another purchase relatively immediately. 

Always ask yourself whether your pets will consume the ferret treat you’re considering buying for them. Fortunately, this meal was well-received by our ferrets. We had doubts due to the low price, but the ferrets approved.


  • It has at least 35% crude protein,
  • Many ferrets seem to like the taste,
  • It’s affordable
  • Guaranteed fatty acid quality
  • The best alternative to fatty acid supplements


  • Available only in 3-pound bags 

Wysong Epigen 90 (Best Nutrient)

The Wysong Epigen 90 Dry Ferret Dry Food is a grain-free, starch-free option for when that just isn’t good enough. All of a ferret’s nutritional needs are met by eating raw meat, which is crucial. This diet has an amazing 60% protein, so your ferrets can get all the nutrition they need.

Without a doubt, this is a very pricey ferret chow. However, the alternative may not be as good if you care about the health of your ferrets.

It provides enough protein and fat while having far fewer carbs than any other commercial pet ferret diet we’ve tried. 

Wysong Epigen 90 Starch Free Canine Feline Dry Formula Dog Cat Food (WDCFE905)

This meal is more like a ferret’s natural diet because of its high protein content and low carbohydrate levels. In addition, it has 16% crude fat, so your ferrets will receive enough calories.

Of course, not just any calories will do; you need the appropriate calories. Your ferrets will stay healthy since it’s similar to what they’d eat in the wild. 

Even though it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, we recommend Wysong Epigen 90 as one of the finest commercial feeds you can give your ferret. 


  • It has 60% high-quality animal proteins,
  • Contains fewer carbs than competing formulas,
  • It is very similar to a ferret’s natural diet. 


  • It’s expensive

Zupreem Ferret Food (Best Probiotic)

The probiotics in ZuPreem’s Grain-Free Diet Ferret food promote healthy digestion. However, that’s not the only perk it may provide your ferrets. It has at least 40% crude protein and 20% crude fat. 

Even though it says “grain-free,” it doesn’t imply that there aren’t any carbs in this dish. Indeed, sweet potatoes are mentioned as the second component.

ZuPreem Premium Ferret Diet 2 Pack

Furthermore, this product is priced too high for the quantity of food it contains. There are no unnecessary ingredients, but chicken isn’t even listed as the first one.

Finally, it’s only sold in tiny bags, so it’s not ideal if you want to buy in bulk or have numerous ferrets to feed. 


  • Contains probiotics to help with digestion
  • Contains at least 40% crude protein; 20% crude fat; and is grain-free. 
  • No corn gluten or corn syrup added


  • Only available in small packages;
  • Quite expensive for what you get;

Marshall Select Chicken 

Did you know that dry ferret food pellets labels indicate components in descending order of the quantity they contribute to the final product? Since chicken is stated first, we can safely assume it is the primary component in Marshall’s Select Chicken Formula Ferret Food. Additionally, you may be certain that your ferrets will receive enough meat thanks to the minimum 36% crude protein content. 

Some ferrets have trouble chewing tough meat meals. Some people just find them dislikeable.

Luckily, it is very crumbly and mushy to the touch. As a result, feeding time is much reduced, and our ferrets seem to be drawn to the treat.

Marshall Pet Products (2 Pack) Select Chicken Formula Premium Ferret Diet

Our group agrees that the price of this snack is too high for the small amount you get in each bag. Many other brands’ nutritional value and ingredient list are almost identical, yet they cost much less. Moreover, the bag sizes for this blend are quite restricted. Marshall Selective Chicken Formula Ferret Food might have made our top three if it were cheaper and available in greater amounts. 


  • Chicken is listed as the first component;
  • A guarantee of 36% crude protein;
  • The food’s soft texture;
  • It’s simple for ferrets to chew on.


  • The product’s high price
  • Small bags

Kaytee Fortified Diet

In terms of ferret food, the Kaytee Fortified Diet with Real Chicken is one of the more reasonably priced options. It comes in rather small bags, but the price is fair, considering how much you receive. 

When compared to the quality, the cost is nothing. Fortunately, there is still good nutrition in this cuisine. This diet, having a minimum of 42% protein and 20% fat, offers ample animal-based nutrients for your ferret’s health. Therefore, there are no grains in this recipe. Overall, it has fewer carbs, which is an important quality in a ferret’s diet.

Kaytee Fortified Premium Pet Ferret Food Grain Free & Gluten Free with Chicken, 4 Pound

One of our ferrets really disliked this meal, but that was the only real problem we had with it. Although to be fair, they sometimes exhibit a little food snobbery. Nonetheless, a few of them expressed distaste for the meal.


  • Cheaper than most alternatives 
  • Great nutritional benefits for its price
  • 42% protein, 20% fat, and 100% grain-free. 


  • Some of our ferrets weren’t interested in this food.
  • Limited supply. 

N-Bone Ferret Soft Chews

N-Bone ferret chews’ first component is chicken, so you know your pets are receiving an excellent source of protein. 

The antioxidants (from vitamin E) and other nutrients in this meal really improved the condition of our ferrets’ fur. There was an increase in density, softness, and general opulence. However, it wasn’t even the finest advantage. 

N-Bone 1 Pouch Ferret Soft Treats Chicken Flavor, 3 Oz

The odor of our ferret cage improved once they started eating this food. We were accustomed to a much stronger stench from their feces after feeding them different things, but this time it wasn’t there. In addition, we observed less diarrhea and more regular bowel movements compared to when we fed conventional ferret kibble. 

On the other hand, these advantages do not come cheap. You won’t find ferret chow any pricier than this. Even though we witnessed improvements with this perfect diet, it still contains too many carbs for ferrets.


  • Having real chicken as the first ingredient.
  • Making our ferrets’ waste smell less bad
  • Giving them a shiny, healthy coat. 
  • Affordable


  • Small pack
  • Lower protein content than alternative options 

Mazuri Ferret Diet

Mazuri Ferret diets for ferrets come in five-pound and twenty-five-pound sacks. This item has a lot of probiotics, which are good for the digestive system. 

According to the nutrition facts label, this item has less than 15% starch. So, it came as a bit of a shock to see that brown rice is listed as the second ingredient—and thus, the second most concentrated—in the recipe. You can see how this may be problematic, given that ferrets are obligate carnivores who struggle with carbs. 

Mazuri | Ferret Diet | 25 Pound (25 LB) Bag

Carbohydrates aren’t the only problem with this ferret meal. As for the protein, they sourced it from questionable places. The primary component is poultry by-product meal. In place of actual chicken, it uses a chicken by-product. 

We cannot recommend this ferret food because of its excessive amounts of carbohydrates and the inferior quality of the components it contains. 


  • Less than 15% starch
  • Available in both little and big amounts
  • Packed with probiotics for digestive health 


  • The first ingredient is poultry by-product meal, followed by brown rice. 
  • Not suitable for ferrets with stomach upset


Due to their status as obligate carnivores, ferrets must consume a meat-rich diet. As a result, there are no plant-digesting enzymes in their stomachs.

Additionally, ferrets need high levels of protein and fat and low levels of fiber and carbs. Since they have poor plant digestion, animal products are the best choice for ferrets to get protein and fat.

Calcium and phosphorus should both be at a 1:1 ratio in a ferret’s diet. Bones and flesh contain calcium, whereas muscle tissue contains phosphorus. The calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in commercial kibbles is often satisfactory.

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