6 Best biOrb Aquariums in 2022

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see a biOrb aquarium in person, you can’t help but be captivated by it. The pet house from biOrb is a nice addition to your decor because it combines modern and natural elements in a clever way.

Did you know there are really five additional shapes to pick from? Keep reading; I want you to see this! 

biOrb Flow Aquarium  (Best Quality)

This biOrb Flow Aquarium is perfect to consider if you want a tiny but attractive fish tank that is available in a range of sizes and includes everything you need to get started. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a circular aquarium.

We also feel compelled to comment on how classy this aquarium is. If you put in the right plants, fish, and substrate, the basic shape of the tank may look great.

You may choose between a four-gallon and an eight-gallon tank here. Choose the smaller one if compactness is a priority.

However, if you’d want room for a few more aquatic organisms and greenery, the bigger tank is the better option. It measures 15.5 x 10.25 x 14.75 inches (L x W x H), while the smaller one is 12 x 8 x 12.5 inches (W x H).

This is an acrylic fish tank, which has the advantages of being both lightweight and resistant to impact. Furthermore, it is very clear. However, you should exercise caution near it since it is not very scratch-resistant.

The coolest part is that the five-stage filtering system is concealed inside an attractive rock. This aquarium has all the essential features, including filtration and a sleek design.

There is no obvious filter; as a bonus, you get a lovely rock to display. Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, as well as stabilizing the aquarium water and adding extra oxygen, are some of the five types of filtration used here.

The tank’s cover, which has an integrated LED light, is also included. However, when it comes to promoting healthy plant development, this LED lighting isn’t exactly cutting edge.


  • Best shape compared to similar sized aquarium
  • The ability to select between two sizes
  • Choose from two distinct hues. 
  • Less expensive than standard biOrb aquariums
  • More durable and lighter than glass
  • Perfect starter aquarium


  • The solid side is limited

biOrb Classic LED Aquarium (Best Price)

This biOrb Classic Aquarium is a great alternative if you want what is basically an ultra-modern fishbowl. This tank’s design is reminiscent of a fish bowl or a huge bowl but has much more sophisticated functionality. Unlike a regular fishbowl, this one has biological filtration, illumination, and other neat features.

Keep in mind that the 4-gallon capacity of this tank allows for the housing of a small number of fish, design objects, and plants. Therefore, it can accommodate many people without occupying an inconvenient amount of floor area in your house.

This tank’s construction is made of acrylic plastic. Some people prefer glass tanks, but acrylic has several advantages over glass, including being significantly lighter, more impact-resistant, and clearer. In addition, this is a very sturdy fish tank, suitable for both novices and young children.

biOrb CLASSIC 15 Aquarium with LED - 4 gallon, Silver

The tank’s five-stage filtration system is among the best available. Incorporating oxygenation and healthy water stabilization into this process is also included. For such a cheap and small fish tank, this filter performs well.

A basic, long-lasting LED light is included, which uses very little power. Although it’s not ideal for anything except reading, this lamp will do just fine for lighting up your fish tank. Furthermore, this tank was built with energy efficiency in mind.

One of the best features of this setup is smart light conditions. The light unit goes from dawn to afternoon to evening to night without any human intervention. Therefore, you need to create an artificial daylight cycle for your fish. 


  • Lowest possible price
  • Minimalist design
  • Four sizes are available.
  • You may choose from three color options. 
  • The filtration system has a unique shape of a traditional fishbowl


  • It can’t be used with a heating device 

biOrb Tube LED Aquarium (Premium Choice)

One tall and two shorter versions of the biOrb Tube LED Aquarium are available. It comes in both white and black, with built-in LED lighting choices. However, its price tag is more than the other biOrb aquariums we looked at. 

Unfortunately, it cannot accommodate an aquarium heater, so it does not provide warm environments for fish. However, due to its enormous surface area and five-stage filtering system, it is ideal for cultivating beneficial bacteria. In addition, this aquarium has a unique shape that goes well with both modern and traditional pieces of furniture.

biOrb Tube 35 Aquarium with LED - 9.2 Gallon, White


  • Available in three different sizes
  • You may choose between a tall and a short body type. 
  • Choose from two distinct hues. 
  • It allows the most beneficial microorganisms to flourish. 


  • Expensive
  • Incompatible with heating systems. 

BiOrb HALO Aquarium (Unique Design)

The biOrb HALO model’s innovative design hides the waterline of the bowl, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. It will undoubtedly serve as a talking point. Furthermore, the lid has two times stronger magnetic closure, and the air pump is hidden away in the base. 

biOrb HALO 15 Aquarium with MCR Lighting - 4 gallon, Grey (45653)


  • Hidden waterline for a seamless globe
  • Concealed air tube in one of the feet


  • Expensive

biOrb Life MCR Aquarium (Best Combination with Heater)

The biOrb Life MCR Aquarium comes in four different sizes ranging from 4–16 gallons, and you may choose from black, white, or clear for the sides and stand. When compared to the other biOrb aquariums, this one has the smallest viewing area because its thin edges are hidden by the aquarium’s frame.

biOrb Life 15 Aquarium with MCR - 4 Gallon, White

The rectangular shape of this aquarium gives you many options for mounting it, and it’s as attractive as it is functional. However, many have said it’s a pain to maintain and clean the aquarium. This aquarium may be heated separately if required, unlike other biOrb aquariums. It is one of the most expensive options if you’re looking for a biOrb aquarium.


  • You can choose from four sizes with three color settings.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a heater.
  • Versatile design suitable for a variety of surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to clean the fish waste

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biOrb Cube 30 aquarium (Larger Tanks)

Ultimately, these are the most aesthetically pleasing aquariums on the list. The biOrb Cube 30 Aquarium is entirely transparent. Unlike conventional aquariums, this one has a see-through back. As a result, the tank’s 360-degree visibility is indisputably cool. The translucent tank case even allows viewing from the top.

What’s nice is that you may choose between an 8- and 16-gallon tank, depending on your needs. If you’re short on floor space, the 8-gallon tank is your best choice. However, the 16-gallon tank is the way to go if you want to have a wide variety of fish and plants to simulate underwater worlds. 

The bigger tank is 15.7 inches on the side and has a height, width, and depth of 17. Its cube design makes efficient use of available space. 

biOrb Cube 30 Aquarium with LED - 8 Gallon, White

This tank is, in fact, composed of acrylic plastic. Acrylic plastic, to repeat, is very transparent, extremely impact-resistant, and remarkably lightweight. The main drawback of acrylic is that it scratches easily. 

The five-stage filtration system is similar to the ones in the two previous tanks. It’s a system that does everything from filtering the water (mechanically, biologically, and chemically) to oxygenating and stabilizing it. 

The aquarium filter cartridge used here is universally sized to work with all biOrb aquariums, and, yes, the filter is hidden away in a decorative. A similar, essential LED light is present as well. 


  • Larger Capacity
  • Modern design


  • It takes time to clean

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What to Consider Before Buying biOrb Aquariums?


All biOrb products are covered by a one-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws. However, products have different warranty durations. If you put non-biOrb goods in your aquarium, you may void your warranty and be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs. To ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong with your aquarium, you must clean and maintain it as directed and register it for warranty service.

Your Needs

Figure out first what kind of plant or animal you want to retain. For example, if you have your heart set on a certain tank, but it won’t fit in your property, you’ll need to fully understand the value of a correctly sized tank before buying one. 

Think about where you’ll put the tank and how much room you have. When space is limited, a rectangular aquarium of the same capacity is preferable to a bowl of the same volume. Before purchasing an aquarium, think about the area it will occupy and how you want it to complement the room’s decor.

Make sure the surface you choose to put your aquarium on can adequately support the weight of the water, aquarium sand, and the plants in it. For example, acrylic aquarium tanks are easier to transport than glass aquariums, but they still grow very heavy if you add water and decorations. 


How Effective Are biOrb Fish Tanks? 

In fact, it is a well-recognized and respected name in the industry. They’ve earned a reputation for producing attractive and reasonably priced fish tanks of the highest quality. Some of the best fishkeepers in the world swear by this product line.

What’s causing my biOrb fish’s keep dying? 

Regardless of the tank’s make or model, there are several potential causes of fish death.

Numerous factors might be contributing to the demise of your fish. This may result from insufficient meals, improper nutrition, or too-cold water.

There may be other problems, such as contaminated water. What if the water is too alkaline? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of potential causes of your fish’s demise. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that our evaluations of biOrb products have helped you narrow down your options and settle on the best option for your specific situation. The biOrb Flow illuminated aquarium is the greatest of the biOrb fish tanks since it has the largest viewing window and can be placed on a wide range of surfaces thanks to its clever design.

The biOrb Traditional LED Aquarium is the most budget-friendly choice, which is available in four sizes and looks like a classic fishbowl.

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