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It can feel incredible having your beloved pet lay with you on your bed. However, as any dog owner knows, dogs tend to dream, snore and toss around at times.

Ever seen your dog having a dream? They can make quite exciting movements and noises. Also, there is the issue of not having enough space for you and your pup. If you have a partner, this can become quite the issue if your pet is on the pillows relaxing when your partner wants to go to bed.

Another situation you may face is a large dog who takes up most of the space on the bed, leaving you with very little room to move. Both large and small dogs deserve a comfortable bed to sleep on that they can call their own.

Does Your Dog Think he Owns the Bed?

Once you let your dog on the bed, they think they “own” the bed. Pet fur and dander can cause allergies for some people, and you certainly have to change the sheets and bedspread more often. If you, however, do not allow your pet on the bed, having a comfortable and equally enticing place to sleep is vital to your dog’s well-being.

Older dogs also may not be able to jump on the bed anymore and need their own bed, as too much jumping can be rough on their joints. The same applies to larger breeds of dogs who may develop hip problems if they are constantly forced to jump up and down on a tall bed designed for human usage. It’s also not great for your bed coils either.

Once dogs declare it “their” bed, it can be hard to change that habit. That is why having their own space is beneficial to them.

The Importance of Sleep to Dogs

Dogs, just like humans, require a generous amount of sleep to be healthy and active and live a long and joyful life. However, while humans need around anywhere from six to nine hours of sleep a day, dogs sleep from twelve to eighteen hours. This means that, at the minimum, they spend approximately half to three-quarters of their lives sleeping.

The amount they sleep depends on their breed, age, and general activity level. Have you ever noticed your dog seems to be more “dozing” rather than actually sleeping? They are not always passed out in a dream-like state.

Much of their “sleeping” time is spent “resting.” I bet you have seen your dog sleeping with their eyes open; they are just dozing off in these situations.

Dogs Can Become Sleep-Deprived Just Like Us

It may sound crazy to us humans that a dog can become a victim of sleep deprivation. However, other dogs and predators notice when another animal feels weak or has health issues. When a canine doesn’t get plenty of rest, they can develop anxiety and become restless and dizzy. As a result, their chances of developing an illness are also increased.

When owning a pet, it is vital to provide them with a proper environment that supports a long-lasting healthy life. Older pooches require a comfortable bed, as this will allow them to spend their golden years in a more peaceful and healthy state.

Sleeping Well is Vital to Learning in Both Dogs and Humans

Getting the proper amount of sleep can make your dog more adaptable to training. If you teach your dog a new trick, it will learn it faster and retain that information more naturally than a sleep-deprived dog.

Imagine not getting enough sleep while you are in college. Would you be able to keep straight A’s? Most likely not. This is because your cognitive functioning abilities are much lower when you don’t get enough sleep. This theory also applies to the animal kingdom. For example, when a dog has enough energy, they have an enhanced level of interest in learning new things.

They can spend more time learning new commands. It also makes them better behaved overall. They can also protect you and your loved ones better when alert and not groggy. As a result, you have a chance at a much healthier relationship with a well-deserved dog than an overtired pooch.

What Occurs When a Dog is Sleep Deprived

Many different signs can begin to show when a canine does not get the proper amount of sleep for its age, breed, and activity level. However, as a general rule, there are stages of sleep deprivation.

  • Stage one can cause an increased level of anxiety; the dog is tired. 
  • In the second stage, they lose their ability to focus and learn new skills. Unpredictable behavior is also more likely. 
  • Stage three; the dog is becoming easily annoyed or more irritable than usual. 
  • Stage four sleep-deprived dogs can be more aggressive and prone to illness. 
  • Stage five lack of sleep can cause your dog to develop serious health ailments and chronic conditions.

1. The Big Barker Large Dog Bed

Big Barker 7

One of the best ways to prevent the above ailments is with a quality dog bed. The Big Barker dog bed for large dogs is perfect for breeds such as Pit-bulls, Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Boxers. Dogs under 25 inches tall and over fifty pounds fit perfectly in this superior Orthopedic dog bed with dimensions of 48″x30″x7″. It is available at:

2. Dog Beds for Extra Large Dogs

The Big Barker dog bed also comes in an extra-large size with dimensions of 52″ x 36″ x 7″. This bed may be perfect for your pet if you own a Mastiff, Newfoundland, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or Great Pyrenees.

It is available in burgundy, charcoal grey, khaki, and chocolate colors.

3. Dog Beds For Giant Dogs

If you own a Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, or a similar-sized dog breed, The Giant is perfect for your pet. It is also fantastic for two dogs who share a bed. It measures a staggering 60″x48″x7″ and is also available in burgundy, charcoal grey, chocolate, and khaki colors to match any decor at Amazon:

Getting the Correct Size Big Barker Bed for Your Dog

The width of the bed is the most critical component of getting the correct size for your pet. With your dog standing straight up, start measuring where the paw pads are and measure to the top of its shoulders or hips. This measurement will tell you how much room your dog will need if stretched out. Next, check out the sizes that are listed above.

Big Barker 7

Using the measurement you get, you will want to add around three to four inches to get the ideal size for your dog. If you are one or two inches below the Big Barker bed dog sizes, you will want to jump up an extra size. For example, if your dog measures 29″, he would do best with the extra-large dog bed size that measures 36″ wide.

Review of the Big Barker Bed

The Big Barker bed is made for larger and older dogs to keep them healthy longer. It is an American-made brand coming from Pennsylvania. It is even comfortable enough for a human to lay on.

This bed is available in two versions: a Sleek edition and one with a Headrest attached. It is a full 7-in thick and made of the same foam type used in mattresses made for humans in high-end furniture stores.

Furthermore, there is an option to get waterproof liners for dogs that suffer from incontinence issues. This protects the therapeutic foam from any damage. 

Offers a Ten Year Guarantee to Not Flatten

Big Barker offers a 10-year guarantee that it will keep at least ninety percent of its original shape, or they will send a new one free of charge. It is known as the “Won’t Flatten Guarantee.” It is backed by veterinarians and scientists and is only composed of human-grade materials.

Great For Aging Pets and Pets with Health Problems

Larger dogs tend to have more muscle and joint ailments than smaller dogs. Because of their size, the Big Barker features pressure points to ease the dog’s weight on the bed. It is excellent for dogs of any age to help prevent health problems. It is hard to tell when a dog is in pain because they tend to hide it better than human beings do.

In the animal world, showing potential predators that they are in pain can make them vulnerable to being attacked. It is a survival mechanism that has transcended time. That’s why making sure your canine has the right bed is crucial to their quality of life. The Big Barker can help:

  • Dogs with hip dysplasia 
  • Dogs with Arthritis 
  • Dogs who are recovering from a recent surgical procedure 
  • Older dogs 
  • Large breeds of dogs where other beds don’t support their weight evenly 
  • Dogs who suffer from ACL related injury

Overall Thoughts on the Big Barker Bed Series

The Big Barker bed series is undoubtedly the top-of-the-line choice for dog beds for large dogs. There are plenty of dog beds on the market, but what sets this one aside from the rest is that it’s made in the USA and offers a 10-year guarantee on maintaining ninety percent of its original shape. As far as warranties on dog beds are concerned, it far exceeds the market’s offers.

They have superior customer service after the sale. In addition, you save money in the long run by purchasing one bed over your dog’s lifespan rather than going through many cheaper beds. Finally, the Tactilus pressure sensor device tested a variety of dog beds on how supportive they were on larger dogs’ pressure points.

On most of the beds, the points where the most pressure was applied left noticeable indents on the beds during the test. The Big Barker dog beds had zero pressure points on the test; this technology is so accurate that NASA uses it. Furthermore, it is an impressive 7 inches thick of two kinds of memory foam and contains alternating layers of H45 and H10 foam.

The bottom section has two inches of H10 or the more comfort-driven foam, with three inches of H45 supportive foam above it. An additional topper layer of another two inches of H10 foam to make it the most comfortable and support-driven large dog bed available on the market. The Big Barker bed with a Headrest included has four inches of support in a built-in pillow.


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