14 Best Dog Chew Toys for Active Dogs in 2022

Having a dog that likes to chew means, you’ll need to buy new toys often and pick up shards of plastic and stuffing from all over the home. However, if you’re at your wit’s end trying to locate anything that will endure your fur baby’s teeth, a wide range of “indestructible” dog toys are available, including balls, rope toys, bones, and plush toys.

Although no toy is entirely unbreakable (most manufacturers say to replace the toy when it shows signs of light wear), choosing the right toy for your dog can keep them happy, keep their minds working, and save you money in the long run.

Best Non-Edible Dog Chews

West Paw Qwizl (Best for Heavy Chewers)

The Qwizl is a durable chew toy that serves as a treat holder to entertain your pet’s mind while teaching them to take their time snacking. Their exclusive Zogoflex durable material is 100% recyclable and made without the use of any harmful substances like latex, BPA, or phthalates.

It’s gentle on teeth, gums, and jaw muscles thanks to its smooth consistency. In addition, dogs can easily grasp and manipulate it with their paws while they chew because of its ergonomic shape.

KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Medium Dogs

This is a traditional dog chew toy and one of the most well-known on the market. The Kong Classic’s pliable and durable rubber may endure for a long time with appropriate care (i.e., not leaving it in direct sunlight and giving it the occasional spin in the dishwasher).

You may provide cerebral stimulation and extended playtime for your dog by stuffing a Kong with his or her food, little snacks, or a dab of xylitol-free peanut butter. Unfortunately, the Kong’s tiny aperture and toy shape may be unpleasant for certain dogs since it makes it difficult to completely “de-stuff” it.

The Kong family includes the classic for moderate chewers, the puppy Kong, the senior Kong, and the Kong Extreme (extreme version) for powerful chewers. Make sure the size of the Kong toy you choose is appropriate for your dog so that he or she doesn’t choke or swallow it.

Zogoflex Toppl (Best Flavored Dog Chews)

West Paw Zogoflex Toppl Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Bundle – Interactive Chew Toys for Dogs – Dog Toy for Moderate Chewers, Fetch, Catch – Holds Kibble, Treats, Small 3

When your dog loses interest in its Kong, try a Toppl. The Toppl has an advantage over the Kong for a dedicated power chewer since it is easy to break into pieces. Therefore, I use Toppl primarily for food addition and not chewing sessions).

Goughnuts Chews (Best for Stick Lovers)

Goughnuts Durable Dog Chew Toy and Training Stick - Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - for Aggressive Power Chewers Like Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Nearly Indestructible for Large Breeds - Large Maxx

Compared to hard rubber toys, the softer rubber makes Goughnuts gentler on your dog’s teeth and jaw muscles. Heavy toys are more likely to last, but they’re not the ideal option for a game of fetch unless you’re looking for a good arm workout. On the other hand, dogs that like to chew on wooden sticks might benefit greatly from this much safer alternative.

Hyper Pet’s Dura-Squeaks Peanut (Great for Senior Dog)

Hyper Pet Dura-Squeaks Stick Dog Toy, Large

In my opinion, this is a great toy for medium breeds with medium to low chewing needs. It’s ideal for games of fetch since it’s lightweight, floats in water, and can be used in any environment.

The EVA foam is gentle on the teeth, making it a wonderful option for elderly dogs who may have sensitive gums and teeth. Stick with a harder material if your dog is the destructive kind; this one will shred and tear if your dog is determined to “kill” it.

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FireBiterz from Outward Hound (Strongest Squishy)

Outward Hound Fire Biterz Lizard Plush Firehose Material Interactive Dog Toy, Large

If your dog likes stuffies but destroys them fast, this alternative from Outward Hound may be what you’re looking for. It’s made from firehose material, so it’s resistant to tearing and gnawing. Furthermore, because there is no stuffing, there is no need to worry about your dog choking on the toy or developing an intestinal blockage, and there is also less mess to clean up.

My younger dog has a very aggressive chewing technique, but he hasn’t been able to discover any weak points in the stitching of these toys. Instead, he finds great amusement in swaying it from place to place.

Tuffy Dog Toys (Best for Tug Games)

TUFFY- Ocean Hammerhead- Squeaker - Multiple Layers. Made Durable, Strong & Tough. Interactive Play (Tug, Toss & Fetch). Machine Washable & Floats

Tuffy dog toys include numerous layers of fabric and reinforced stitching, making them durable enough to withstand extensive play and gnawing. You may strengthen your friendship with your dog using a tug toy, and there are many options from which to choose. These may also be easily cleaned by tossing them in the washing machine.

GoDog Animal Shapes with ChewGuard Technology (Best for Light or Medium Chewers)

goDog Checkers Skinny Rooster Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Chew Guard Technology - Brown, Large

Toys from GoDog are some of my dog’s favorite chew ever. Even though my older dog, Sookie, tried, the ChewGuard technology prevented her from ever destroying one of these toys.

Alex and Rokkie are more aggressive chewers than Gery. They will systematically inspect every inch of a plush animal until they locate the seam and destroy it. These toys are better for mild to moderate chewers and nibblers, but it still takes them several weeks to tear one up.

Best Edible Chews for Dogs

Gigabite Bully Sticks

GigaBite Natural Odor Bully Sticks Treats – All Natural, Free Range Beef Pizzle Dog Chews – by Best Pet Supplies

Dog trainers often encourage using bully sticks for a pit bull, and I wholeheartedly agree with this practice. They’re great for crate training pups who are nibbling at the bars, and they can double as a high-value chew for when the little ones start to bite.

Choose Gigabite or other odorless bully sticks every time. Other bully sticks brand might have a strong odor.

Gigabite bully sticks are completely natural and grow softer the more your dog chews on them. Remember that dogs often gorge themselves silly on bully sticks due to their high perceived value (and may resource guard).

In order to prevent your dog from attempting to swallow the bully stick whole, you should always keep a close eye on it while it is in its mouth. If your dog eats too much of a bully stick, he could choke or get a blockage in his stomach. To prevent this, you should always use a bully stick holder.

Bully Grip with Holder

Bully Stick Holder - Medium Size - Interactive Dog Toy, Dog Treat Holder, Slow Feeder, Treat Dispenser, Chew Toy and Dog Safety Device
Bully Stick Holder - Medium Size - Interactive Dog Toy, Dog Treat Holder, Slow Feeder, Treat Dispenser, Chew Toy and Dog Safety Device

Your dog shouldn’t be able to swallow the bully stick as it grows shorter and shorter from heavy chewing, which is why it’s important to use a holder. Bully stick holders come in a few varieties, but I’ve only found success with the Bully Grip since it’s simple to use, fits a wide variety of bully sticks (so long as you get the perfect size for the bully sticks being used), and secures the stick in place.

If you want to give your dog a bully stick to gnaw on, you should always keep it in a bully stick holder. Many dogs attempt to eat whole bully sticks, and they end up choking or getting a blockage in their digestive tract because of it. The risk is likely to be much lower if you watch your dog play with bully sticks, edible chews, and a safety holder.

Whimzees Dog Dental Chews

WHIMZEES Natural Grain Free Daily Dental Long Lasting Dog Treats, Variety Box, Small, 56 Count

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a regular routine of cleaning your dog’s healthy teeth. However, the use of dental chews may aid in the maintenance of good oral health, which has positive effects on overall fitness.

Whimzee chews are all-natural and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, gluten, and meat. As a result, they’re ideal for canines with dietary sensitivities or allergies.

You can select the best one for your dog from a range of sizes and shapes. The promises made by dental products for cats and dogs are tested and verified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), and Whimzees have passed with flying colors.

Virbac CET

Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs

Rawhide chews have the added advantage of assisting with dental hygiene and are a veterinary favorite. Their recipe makes them more digestible, and they’ve been approved for sale by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, just like Whimzees (VOHC). Since not all rawhides are made equal, we often choose Virbac rawhide for our dogs.

Wild Eats Buffalo Cheek Chips

One of our team recently gave them to her strong chewers to see whether they were a good alternative to rawhide. They went crazy over them. She saw that he didn’t make a mess and didn’t rip off any little bits while eating. Not to mention, trying a new chew won’t make you sick to your stomach.

The variety of sizes of cheek chips is great for little dogs, but big dogs shouldn’t try to gulp them down whole. Nevertheless, these are excellent options if you’re looking for something other than rawhide for your tiny dog.

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews (Rawhide Alternative)

Earth Animal No-Hide Stix Flavored Rolls Natural Rawhide Alternative Dog Chew Treat for Small Dogs (Peanut Butter, 10 Count (Pack of 1))

My family has relied on these chews for years. Those with sensitive stomachs or allergies to rawhide will love these chews. You may choose from various flavors and sizes if your dog is allergic.

Dogs might take days to finish this chew, depending on their dedication. My dogs usually give them a thorough licking before settling down to chew and unroll them for additional taste.


What kinds of materials make the most desirable dog toys?

Make sure the dog toys you want to buy are safe for your pet by reading up on the materials used. We recommend looking for soft but robust items to ensure your dog can’t damage the toy and prevent your dog’s teeth from breaking. The Kong brand is highly recommended; they have many tough materials toys designed specifically for dogs who chew a lot.

Stay away from antlers and animal bones, as they can break teeth and cause obstructions if ingested in large pieces. Also, if you gently tap your knee with the product and it hurts, then it’s too hard for your dog to chew on.

Watch your pet closely if they’re chewing on hard nylon bone to prevent injury. Likewise, if your dog plays with any toys, particularly ones that might be swallowed, like tougher bones, antler chews, or soft plush toys, he should always be under close supervision.

When is it too much to chew?

In most cases, you shouldn’t worry. While it’s understandable to be frustrated by your dog tearing up pair of shoes or other household items, it’s generally not a cause for alarm if your dog is content gnawing on bones and toys designed specifically for canines.

Addressing the behavior is crucial as your dog may be trying to tell you something. For example, if your dog or cat often destroys furniture, your living space, or other home goods, it should be a warning sign. Also, we recommend seeing a veterinarian to better identify the causes of this behavior.


Our specialists combed through top selections and reviews to guarantee that our readers and their pets only get the greatest recommendations. When selecting our favorites, we consider risk, aroma, texture, and effectiveness factors.

We asked many vets for their recommendations on non-toxic chew toys. Our product experts hand-picked these products, which are well-adored names that have earned the approval of veterinarians and doting pet parents.

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