Best Dog Beds of 2022: Complete Guide

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If you’re a pet parent, you’ll need to make vital decisions concerning your dog from time to time. One of the most important choices you need to make after dog food is a dog bed. Finding the best dog beds will become significant as your dog grows older and more fragile.

Choosing the most suitable bed for your dog can be tricky. You’ll hardly find a bed that’ll fit dogs of all sizes or breeds.

Many factors come into play when shopping for the best beds. Your pup’s age, sleeping style, and weight are crucial considerations.

You’ll need to find something comfortable enough for your dog. Remember that your pet spends as much as 80% of its time sleeping, and making that time worthwhile is crucial.

Top 4 Beds

With the many types of beds available for dogs, it’s only fair that you narrow down your options. Below are a few selected dog beds that can guide your buying decision.

1. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

Dog Bed & Cat Bed, Calming Anti-Anxiety Donut Dog Cuddler Bed, Machine Washable Round Pet Bed, Comfy Faux Fur Plush Dog Cat Bed for Small Medium Large Dogs and Cats (30

This dog bed is designed to support your dog in a way that they experience better sleep. It comes in multiple sizes to cater to dogs of all sizes.

Product Highlights

Just like its name indicates, this best will become your dog’s second-best friend after you.


This high-quality and superior bed has a round shape. It resembles a donut; it is ideal for cuddling your dog while sleeping. If your dog loves to curl up, it will find this bed to be quite snug.

The raised rim provides a sense of security for your dog while creating support for the head and neck. In addition, the super-soft filling offers relief for joint and muscle pain.


If you’re looking for a super comfy dog bed, this is the one you should choose. It features a cozy, flexible, and soft finish paired with a deep crevice to allow your pet to burrow. The other durable and luxurious materials create a practical and comfortable dog mattress.


The bed is available in a wide range of beautiful colors that seamlessly blend with any room’s décor. Furthermore, the bottom part of the bed is water and dirt-resistant to prevent your dog from messing with the floor.

The bed materials include a form of highly durable nylon and luxurious faux fur. The bed is safe for the washing machine and dryer. Ensure you tumble dry it on low heat to minimize excess hair and pet odors.

Dog Bed & Cat Bed, Calming Anti-Anxiety Donut Dog Cuddler Bed, Machine Washable Round Pet Bed, Comfy Faux Fur Plush Dog Cat Bed for Small Medium Large Dogs and Cats (30

On the downside, the bed isn’t suitable for dogs with a chewing habit. You also need to thoroughly dry the bed in a drier directly after washing and not air dry it.

What to Like

The bed is made from soft and cozy fur that keeps our pet warm and comfortable. It also comes in various sizes to fit dogs of all sizes. In case of any queries concerning the bed, you can reach out to customer service for friendly assistance.

If well taken care of, the bed will last for a long. The colors are attractive and will match any room’s décor.

What Not to Like

The bed isn’t as thick as you’d like it to be. Once washed, the bed doesn’t fluff up again but becomes relatively thin. The stitching is also weak and leaves big holes around the seams.


  • Available in a wide range of beautiful colors
  • Made from fluffy, soft, and luxurious fur
  • Highly comfortable for all dogs, especially the old and fragile ones.
  • A variety of sizes are available
  • Comes with a raised rim where your dog can rest his head and neck


  • The bed comes with poor stitching that leaves big holes around the hem
  • It’s not as thick as you’d expect

2. MidWest Homes for pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Beds

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Dog Beds Super Plush Dog & Cat Beds Ideal for Dog Crates Machine Wash & Dryer Friendly, 1-Year Warranty

The bed is easy to wash by machine and is dryer-friendly. Furthermore, it also presents the following features.

Product Highlights

MidWest is an ultra-plush pet bed available in a cozy gray color. It works well whether you use it as a stand-alone bed or put it in your dog’s crate. However, it’ll be more comfortable and create a longer-lasting home for your dog when used in a crate or kennel.


The MidWest pet bed is the perfect fit for small-breed dogs. It measures approximately 23″ by 18″ by 2.5″ and can comfortably accommodate dogs weighing between 11 and 25 pounds.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Dog Beds Super Plush Dog & Cat Beds Ideal for Dog Crates Machine Wash & Dryer Friendly, 1-Year Warranty


The bed is made from an ultra-soft synthetic material that provides additional support for your pet. When placed in a crate, it’ll entice your pet to sleep in it more often.

The good thing about the design and color of the bed is that it complements any room’s décor. The swirl pattern and neutral gray color will look great in just about any spot.

For care and maintenance, the bed is easy to wash and dry. If you’re not satisfied with the bed for one reason or another, you can contact the company for a full money refund.

What to Like

The fact that the bed comes with a manufacturer’s warranty proves that the bed is made to last. Taking care of it is easy, and you’ll also like its versatility. You can use it as a stand-alone bed or place it in your dog’s kennel or crate for a more permanent home.

Its swirl pattern and gray color are pleasing to the eye and easily blend with the rest of your home decor.

What Not to Like

If you regularly have to wash the bed after soiling by your pet, the bed won’t last long. The stitches are also not well done, and the interior padding becomes lopsided after washing.


  • The swirl pattern and soft gray color make the bed blend in with home décor
  • It can be used as a stand-alone bed or placed in a crate
  • Soft, cozy, and comfortable for small dogs
  • Withstands biting and scratching
  • Versatile enough to be used indoors and outdoors


  • The cushion becomes lopsided and loses its firmness once the bed has been washed
  • Seams are not well-stitched and will come apart even with a minimal usage

3. BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief | Machine Washable Cuddler with Removable Cover and Water-Resistant Lining | (X-Large, Black Plaid)

Do you want your dog to rest while listening to some excellent, relaxing music? Then the BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed is the item you need.

Product Highlights

BarkBox is designed for your dog’s comfort and safety. It’s made from therapeutic gel memory foam that delivers high-quality comfort for your dog. In addition, it helps relieve joint pain, body aches, and hip dysplasia.

A dog suffering from arthritis will also find this bed quite helpful. You may also use it as a cat bed or a portable dog cuddler.

Waterproof and Washable

Should your dog accidentally mess by peeing on the bed, you don’t have to worry about any damage. The mattress material is waterproof and prevents liquids from passing through the floor or crate. Furthermore, you can easily keep your dog’s sleeping space clean as it’s washable and dries quickly.

The zippered cover comes off seamlessly so that you don’t struggle to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. All you need is to throw it in the wash, and the cover will be as good as new.

Size and Color

The BarkBox dog bed is available in various colors, so you can choose the perfect fit for your pup. The small size is 16″ by 24″ by 3,” the medium one is 29″ by 18″ by 3″, while the large one is 41″ by 29″ by 4.”

Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed | Plush Mattress for Orthopedic Joint Relief | Machine Washable Cuddler with Removable Cover and Water-Resistant Lining | (X-Large, Black Plaid)

The package arrives as a vacuum bed in a box but is easy to unzip. Once you open it, inflate it for up to 72 hours to achieve the most desired comfort level.

The bed comes in a light grey color that perfectly blends with home décor and conceals your pet’s fur. It also comes with a bonus toy that your dog will love to see and use.

If your dog is extra-large, this is a high-quality bed perfect for added comfort. It’s the best match for dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers.

What to Like

The company offers excellent customer service. Since you’re the one to inflate the bed, you can choose how high it goes for your dog. The material is waterproof and hence prevents accidents from causing extensive damage.

You can use it as a stand-alone bed or put it in your dog’s crate for added comfort.

What Not to Like

The zipper is relatively cheap and won’t last long. Unfortunately, the bed is also falsely advertised and doesn’t go as high as you’d like.


  • Very comfortable for all dog sizes
  • Excellent customer service from the company
  • Waterproof material that prevents your dog from causing accidental damage
  • It can be used as a stand-alone bed or combined with a crate for more stability
  • Comes with a surprise toy for your dog


  • The zipper is inferior in quality and comes off easily
  • The bed isn’t as high as advertised

4. Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed

This bed is recommended for dogs who love to curl up while sleeping for extra warmth. It’s a luxurious bed with a fair price tag.

Product Highlights

The bed comes with a pressure-relieving memory foam ideal for dogs suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. Also, the human-grade mattress is 4″ tall, which is an ideal size for helping alleviate pain.

This bed has a non-slip bottom to prevent your dog from getting hurt when using it. In addition, the bed’s low profile makes it an excellent choice for older dogs as they don’t have to step over a raised surface to get into the bed.


The bed is available in different sizes (small, medium, and large to XXL Jumbo) and colors (cocoa, cappuccino, khaki beige, vanilla, and pewter.)

The cover is removable for easy washing and is made of 100% suede for extra comfort. Beneath the suede layer is a removable and waterproof liner that prevents odor and dirt from collecting.

What to Like

The material of the bed’s cover is made from 100% suede. It delivers a high level of comfort and is easy to wash and maintain. The memory form is 4″ thick and supports your dog, especially if old or fatigued.

You can choose from a variety of the many colors and sizes available.

What Not to Like

At the bottom of the bed are some decorative little black rubbers dots. Unfortunately, they fall off immediately after washing. The faux fur also becomes clumped and loses its original fluffiness.

The cushion is flat and isn’t as comfortable as advertised.


  • The bed comes with a removable cover for easy washing
  • The fur is luxurious and beautiful
  • Made from thick memory foam for added comfort
  • Available in many beautiful colors
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes ranging from small to XXL Jumbo


  • The cushion is flat and uncomfortable for large dogs with a lot of weight
  • After washing, the fur loses its fluffiness, and the little decorative dots fall off

Buyers Guide

When buying a bed for your dog, several factors come into play. If you want to take home the best bed, ensure you look beyond the size of the bed.

Types of Dog Beds

The market is full of different beds, and it’s only fair that you understand each type. This way, you’ll know the best dog beds that comfortably meet your dog’s needs.

  • Orthopedic beds have extra cushioning and provide support for older and fatigued dogs
  • Donut and bolster dog beds are round or oval in shape and have a cushioned bottom and raised walls
  • Kennel and crate beds are designed for fitting into your dog’s crate or kennel
  • Raised beds come complete with a wooden, metal, wicker, or plastic frame raised off the floor
  • Pillow or cushion beds are large and are an excellent choice for dogs that enjoy sprawling out
  • Heated dog beds are warm and cozy and beneficial for smaller dogs with joint pains
  • Outdoor cots and beds are ideal for dogs that like being outdoors, elevating them from the hot ground in summer

Some factors to guide you in choosing the best type of dog bed include the sleeping style of your pup. Also, the dog’s size, activity level, décor, and budget are crucial factors.


If you want your dog to be comfortable, ensure you pick the right size for the bed. You don’t want your dog to squeeze into a small bed and not be comfortable while it sleeps. On the other hand, a small dog in an overly large bed might become cold despite the bed being fluffy.


Dog beds are made from different materials depending on the type. The most comfortable dog beds are made from memory foam. Other materials are flannel, denim, fleece, microfiber, and faux suede. Other beds are filled with cedar chips to keep insects away and prevent odors from building up.


You need to be able to maintain hygiene as far as your dog’s bed is concerned. You, therefore, need to look for a bed with washable material. Unfortunately, most soft materials become clumped and lose their appeal once washed.

Check if the bed has a removable cover for more convenience during cleaning. A zipped cover is easy to remove and fix back in place after washing. Additionally, go for materials that can be machine-washed and dried.

Design and Color

The design and color of your dog’s bed are personal choices and preferences. However, it would help you choose a design, pattern, and color scheme that fits your home. At the very least, it should be appealing to the eyes and appealing to your dog.


How Do You Transition From Crate to Dog Bed?

Train your dogs to transition from using the crate to the bed. Encourage them by giving rewards every time they lie on their bed. Avoid allowing them to sleep on the couch or your mattress from time to time, as this will confuse your dog.

How Do You Measure the Size of a Dog Bed?

Take the measurements of your dog the same way you’d measure him for clothing. Take a tape and measure from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. That’s the length of the bed.

The distance from one shoulder to the other should be the minimum width of the bed. Add six to twelve inches to the final number to give some allowance for the dog to stretch out.

Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Most dogs are driven by instinct to dig into their bed and not necessarily because they’re misbehaving. This is also known as denning, and the desire is usually to mark the bed as their own.

How Do You Stop Your Dogs From Chewing Their Dog Beds?

Sometimes your dog will chew his bed when bored. You can prevent this by exercising or occupying him with toys for dogs. You may also want to upgrade to a chew-proof dog bed.

How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

Even if you allow your dog to sleep on your bed, they should have one they can call their own. A dog can have as many beds as practically possible, ideally one in each location where it spends time during the day or night.

Final thoughts

Whether you allow your dog to sleep on your bed or not, it must have its own bed. This will ensure your furball is resting adequately and it has access to its sleeping gear at any time. Choosing the best dog bed is not just what’s popular but what’s best for your dog.

Check to see that the bed is the right size and type, has the right material, and is washable. Your dog will love it if the design supports its body comfortably and has attractive colors. For versatility, choose a bed that can be used indoors and outdoors and fit in your car.

Your dog will thank you for giving him the best dog beds, and you’ll see it in his improved health and behavior.

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