12 Best Canned Dog Food You Can Rely On

The business of feeding our pets is a one billion-dollar industry. In 2021, Americans spent $42 billion on pet food and treat. Finding the best food for our dogs is a major priority since we all know how important it is for pets to eat.

There’s just too much variety to choose just one! So, where do you even begin if you have a picky dog or are a novice dog owner who hasn’t figured out what your pet loves and doesn’t like?

So that you may make an informed decision, we have reviewed 12 of the top canned dog meals and wet dog foods. With any luck, you’ll be able to discover your dog’s next favorite dish with less effort and more time saved.

#1 Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dog Food (Best Quality)

Honest Kitchen is a popular dog food brand for many life stages. Their four recipes use only human-grade ingredients, so they sound delicious (even if you’re not supposed to eat them, you may be tempted to).

All meats (turkey, chicken, beef broth, and hog) come from human food providers, including local farms, and are cooked fresh; none of the meals have been frozen for extended durations.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Whole Grain Dog Food – Complete Meal or Dog Food Topper – Chicken 10 lb (makes 40 lbs)

All dog foods are prepared in human-grade kitchens, then flash-frozen and sent straight to you; they are AAFCO-compliant. This meal service is one of the most expensive of the best wet dog foods we recommend. However, the company’s commitment to using only the best ingredients makes up for its high price.


  • The natural, high-quality ingredient list
  • There are no added artificial preservatives.
  • There is a total of four delicious options here.
  • Available in beef, turkey, chicken, and duck flavor


  • Expensive

#2 Nature’s Recipe Stew Canned Dog Food (Best Price)

We think that Nature’s Recipe is the best canned dog food overall for its price. The chicken broth, turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans in this grain-and pea-free stew make it an excellent choice for your dog’s nutritional needs. It’s high in both natural fiber and carbohydrates and has vitamin and mineral supplements added. In addition, this product has NO maize, wheat, soy, poultry by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

This dog food’s sole major drawback is that it has a very watery consistency. So, this isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something solid in texture, so it may be better used as a topping for certain dogs.


  • Grain-free, no by-products or synthetic substances
  • Top ingredients include chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes,
  • Natural fiber, and carbohydrates;
  • Many vitamins and minerals


  • Some dogs might find it overly wet

#3 Purina Pro Plan Puppy Wet Food (Best Serving)

The major component of Purina’s Pro Plan Puppy is made specifically for pups under 1 year old, is chicken. It has a lot of high-quality protein. Therefore,  it can develop muscles and keep your dog going all day.

The DHA in it is great for growing brains and eyes. It has 23 vitamins and minerals specifically selected to nourish a developing puppy, and it may help keep your puppy’s skin and hair healthy and silky.

The cans are very big, which can be a problem if you’re trying to keep food fresh for a little dog and have to keep it in the fridge. On top of that, it has a meat derivative in it.


  • Excellent for puppies under a year old.
  • The primary and most prominent component is chicken.
  • It features a high protein content and DHA.
  • Maintains a wholesome coat and skin for your puppy.
  • It contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals.


  • Big cans
  • Contain by-products’ meat 

#4 Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food (Best for Diet Program)

Royal Canin’s Veterinary Gastrointestinal food for dogs is an excellent choice for canines who have difficulty digesting lipids since it is both low in fat and tasty. In addition, it has digestive-supporting fiber and prebiotics to keep your dog’s gut flora healthy.

In addition to the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, it also has an S/O Index, which benefits urinary health. However, it’s not cheap, and a prescription from a vet is required to get it.


  • Dogs with digestive issues might benefit from the food’s low-fat content.
  • It features dietary fiber and prebiotics.
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Expensive
  • Require a vet’s prescription!

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#5 Purina Bella Wet Dog Food (Bets for Small Breed)

We also recommend Purina’s Bella Small Breed Dog Food. This meal is made specifically for little and toy breeds. It’s ideal for a high activity level of a smaller dog because of its strong antioxidant and balanced nutrition content. It’s a pâté with added juices, making it simple to digest and delicious for your dog. It also comes in convenient, portable trays.

However, the first component is animal by-products; it also includes carrageenan, so it may not be suitable if you don’t want your dog to consume either of those things. In addition, the packaging isn’t exactly eco-friendly while being handy.

This is one of the finest canned dog meals available if you have a little dog.


  • Ideal for a small breed’s fast metabolism
  • Includes vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants


  • Made with carrageenan and animal by-products.

#6 Cesar Classic Loaf Variety Pack Wet Dog Food (Bets for Puppies)

A variety pack of the Cesar Classic Loaf includes options such as grilled chicken, filet mignon, porterhouse steak, chicken liver, beef, and turkey. Conveniently packaged in single-serve trays, the cuisine has either chicken, beef, or turkey as the primary protein sources. They are made in the U.S. and don’t have any grains. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals are added to make them a complete meal.

However, the meal includes carrageenan and animal by-products, and the packaging isn’t very eco-friendly. We, humans, love variety packs, but picky dogs may find the variety too much to handle.


  • Available in a six-pack of flavors with a variety of uses.
  • Individual servings are convenient.
  • Real meat
  • Produced in the USA, grain-free


  • Contains carrageenan and animal by-products.

#7 Purina’s Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food (Protein Rich)

With whole chicken as its first and foremost component, Purina’s Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food is loaded with protein. Nutritionally, this brown rice blend is perfect since it provides all nineteen recommended daily allowances of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber. Also, most canines go crazy for it, and it has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

However, this meal’s low fiber content may affect your dog’s bowel movements. Carrageenan and by-products of meat meal are also included in the product.


  • Protein-rich whole chicken as its main ingredient.
  • It contains 23 minerals and vitamins
  • A well-rounded diet.
  • No synthetic ingredients


  • Less fiber
  • Made with carrageenan and animal by-products.

#8 Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Canned Dog Food (Best for Digestive Care)

Due to its low-fat content, veterinarians and nutritionists came up with Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Dog Food to aid dogs with digestive disorders. It includes ginger, which calms the digestive system, and prebiotic fibers, which encourage the development of beneficial bacteria in the stomach. Furthermore, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids are included for healthy skin and fur.

It’s pricey and requires a vet’s approval, which are both drawbacks. Also, the pâté is sometimes a touch dry. The texture varies from time to time.


  • Low in fat, which helps dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Professional dietitians and veterinarians worked together to create it.
  • Prebiotic fibers promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • It contains ginger, which soothes an upset stomach.
  • A combination of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant
  • Great for picky eater


  • Veterinary approval is required.
  • There are moments when the texture is dry.
  • It is expensive.

#9 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Wet Dog Food (Best for Senior Dog)

Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe Dog Food is just some of the all-natural components in Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe Dog Food. Additionally, it has vitamins and minerals that may help maintain muscular health. No maize, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial flavors, or preservatives were used in its production.

Unfortunately, it’s a little pricy, and the texture varies from can to can. It’s either too dry or too wet (but sometimes just right). In addition, carrageenan is included in this wet dog food formula.


  • Made entirely of natural ingredients
  • Includes vitamins and minerals
  • There is no wheat, maize, artificial flavors, and preservatives


  • Pricey
  • The texture is not consistent

What You Need to Know When Choosing the Best Canned Dog Food?

Choosing the right organic and natural pet food is a concern for most pet owners. But, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to find the best and healthiest food in the area.

Dogs shouldn’t be fed canned foods just because it’s convenient for you. Take note of the following:


Protein is the most important component for any stage of life. In addition, the dog food must always specify an actual animal (chicken, beef liver, pork liver, lamb, etc.).

Unprocessed Grains

Unless your dog has a grain allergy, unprocessed grains are the best option. Pick meals that don’t include grains if that’s the case.

Vegetables/ Fruits

The best balanced diet for a dog should also include a wide range of vegetables and fruit nutrients. Therefore, it will be good if dog food combines these nutrients.

Supplemental nutrients

Supplemental nutrients, such as DHA, promote healthy vision and brain development in puppies and help older dogs maintain joint health. Select a diet that is appropriate for your dog’s age and nutritional requirements.

Should You Feed Your Dog Dry or Canned Food?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both sorts. To best protect their teeth, dogs should eat dry food. It’s cheaper, has more shelf life, and is less of a hassle to store. On the other hand, wet dog chow is preferable since it contains more water. In addition, it’s softer and easier to chew, so older dogs and dogs with bad teeth will like it more.

Plus, it’s a better option when you’re attempting to keep your pet’s calorie and carbohydrate consumption in check to prevent obesity. Although it’s costlier than kibble, canines seem to like it.

If you want to keep your dog’s mealtime interesting and give them a chance to try new things, wet food textures are your best bet. Some of the most typical textures are:

  • Chunks and bits
  • Pâté,
  • Stew,
  • Ground,
  • Minced.

Chunks and bits are often served with a sauce or jelly. They are tied with stews for maximum moisture content.

Final Thoughts

Investing in high-quality canned dog food will positively affect your pet’s health and happiness in the long term. Canned dog food is costly, but it’s well worth it because of the essential nutrients and hydration it provides.

Adding this to your pet’s diet will promote well-being and help solve many health issues. We hope our reviews and buying tips will make it easier for you to find the tastiest canned food for your pet.

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