BarkBox Subscription: Still Worth it in 2022?

What could be more exciting than presenting your dog with a brand-new toy? Keeping up with heavy chewers may be challenging, but a service like Bark Box can assist by regularly sending new chew toys to your home.

A monthly subscription service has always made me wary since they never really save you money and are notoriously difficult to cancel. However, the combination of BarkBox’s 4-6 items and excellent customer service makes it one of the few monthly services I really look forward to receiving.

Having first dibs on the adorable monthly-themed toys that BarkBoox creates really got me hooked. In this review, we will give details about what you will get, plus a secret coupon code for BarkBox.

What Do You Get on The Monthly Subscription Box?

There are snacks and toys (in the appropriate size for your dog) in each month’s BarkBox subscription, and the box has a different theme each time. The BarkBox crew does a fantastic job of creating inventive toys that are interesting for dogs and their human companions. Each toy is packed with a variety of entertaining features, including squeakers, crinkles, balls, and more.

None of my dogs has destroyed anything yet, so they must be entertaining. Toby is a large boy, so I decided to go with the medium box, even though Willow and Coco are on the smaller side. While he does like to chew, he hasn’t yet managed to tear any of these toys.

Since Willow’s stomach is sensitive to wheat, the snacks’ excellent quality and healthfulness are really appreciated. The bags of treats in your monthly BarkBox shipment are all natural and free of common allergens such as wheat, corn, soy, and fillers. I can confidently say BarkBox is worth it!

It’s nice to know that all the effort we put into feeding our dogs the finest food we can afford isn’t going to waste on junk. Furthermore, I must praise the unique taste combinations found in different box sizes. Every kind of fruit and insect imaginable has been sent to us.

Fun Themes

The novelty of receiving a themed box every month is one of the best things about a BarkBox membership. I can only guess that the BarkBox staff had a blast thinking up these ideas.

Your two plush toys will be of the same style, and the all-natural treats and chews you receive will (usually!) complement the set’s design.

Some off-theme treat packages have arrived at my door, but that’s only because the BarkBox team was so wonderful as to guarantee that Coco always received soft snacks. That’s a fair price to pay for that benefit!

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Selection of Plush Toys

Plush toys from BarkBox are usually full of fun features like squeakers, crinkles, secret treat pockets, and pull ropes, among other things. In addition, they are high-quality toys that may last a long time with most dogs.

Even big boy Toby hasn’t been able to rip anything of mine apart. (The Super Chewer box from Barkbox is ideal for your toy shredder.) It’s great fun to play with the toys, and I’m enjoying more time with my dogs now that I work from home. Every month, you should get them some new toys to play with.

I also love how creative these toys can be. What’s that, the bathroom’s got a fancy new gold toilet? A guitar made of crinkly fluff with a real strap? What the heck is this—a reversible squeaker bib in a tuxedo style? You can always count on a pleasant shock each month.

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Dog Treats

The folks at BarkBox have done an excellent job of making toys for your dog that have a wide range of forms, flavors, aromas, and textures from high-quality ingredients.

These are great for training since rewarding positive behavior with natural snacks is easy when you have a supply on hand. I go through a lot of treats since Will loves to give them to the dogs for doing nothing more than looking adorable or performing basic dog things like resting on the sofa.

The meats used in the snacks are often lamb, beef, chicken, or hog, although they are sometimes blended with a wide variety of other quality ingredients and tastes. Recently highlighted items include the following: banana, crickets, lavender, cranberries, whiskey, honey, chamomile, carrots, and chia seeds.

Contact BarkBox at if your dog has food allergies or dietary restrictions. Both you and your pet will be well taken care of by these folks.


Usually, a tough chew will be the last item in each BarkBox. While Coco and Willow are getting on in years and don’t have the greatest (or any) teeth left, Toby is a large, strong boy who enjoys chewing!

As the elderly retire for the evening, I keep them for him. I believe Chewrassic Bark is his favorite snack from this monthly delivery. They are subdued compared to other goodies, yet he still finds them delicious.

A wearable item is another possible inclusion, albeit it is less common. Sometimes made of cloth, these items are more often a component of the box’s actual packing. However, they are a welcome addition to the container. Putting on a different costume may be a lot of fun.

Pros and Cons


  • Toys are both imaginative and fun to play with.
  • There is a lot of room for plan customization.
  • Quick and helpful after-sales service.
  • It has a decent selection of chews and goodies.
  • Frequently used extras are subject to change.


  • You can’t choose the toys you want
  • Holiday delivery may not arrive until after the holiday for which they were designed
  • The subscription plan will automatically renew until you cancel it or turn it off

Final Thoughts

If you and your dog are looking for an exciting monthly surprise, consider BarkBox subscription boxes.

There are many options for dogs, including natural snacks and treats. Plus, the toys that can withstand the ordinary chewer’s gnawing for an extended period are well-designed and frequently amusing.

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