8 Best bark Collars for Small Dogs in 2022

Barking is a well-known trait of small dogs. When a pet parent brings home a small dog, whether a puppy or an adult, your neighbors will notice it more than once.

Nonetheless, there is room for tolerance. For example, some dogs, like people, may want to keep a low profile.

But if you’re here, it’s probably because you’re having trouble with a barking dog. In this article, we’ll be talking about bark collars. When used with positive reinforcement, these collars, which go by several other names, may address your dog’s unwanted behaviors.

Dog Care Bark Collar (Best Quality)

Dog Care Bark Collar is our top pick for the best small dog bark collar. This dog bark collar is an excellent option since it can be charged in only 2 hours and lasts a long time. In addition, you can track the battery life so that you always know when to recharge.

DOG CARE Bark Collar for Dogs - Anti Dog Barking Collar with Intelligent Bark Control, Effective Sound, Vibration, Automatic Collar, LED Indicator, Bark Control Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

The bark collar may silence your dog using a combination of vibration, shocks, and a warning buzzer. Additionally, it contains a smart noise filtering technology that is adjustable to your dog’s bark.

This more reliable bark collar is the outcome of the elimination of false alarms. Also, it includes five LED lights to indicate its condition and does not need a remote. The static rubber caps and the fact that the collar can be adjusted make this a safe option for your dog. Multiple reviewers have praised its efficacy “Top Dog in Every Category.”

DOG CARE Bark Collar for Dogs - Anti Dog Barking Collar with Intelligent Bark Control, Effective Sound, Vibration, Automatic Collar, LED Indicator, Bark Control Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs


  • It may be recharged in only 2 hours.
  • The collar will prevent your dog from barking by using vibration, shock, and a beeping sound.
  • It has five status-indicating LEDs.
  • It is easily modifiable and includes static rubber covers for further security.


  • An accidental shock may happen

PATPET Anti-Bark Training Collar (Best price)

The PATPET Anti-Bark Training Collar is a fantastic buy for its low cost. This collar features a sound, vibration, and shock warning system and is reasonably priced. You may use it to effectively teach your tiny dog.

The PATPET Collar has seven distinct shock intensities to correct a dog’s bad behavior. Also, there is a battery cover that seals out water. So your pet may join you in the great outdoor play without fear of harm.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar for Large Dog - Electric Dog Training Collar with Remote, IPX7 Waterproof 1350Ft Range with Beep Shock Vibration Modes

Because it has a voice-activated no-shock mode, it can prevent barking even when you’re not around. However, to prevent discomfort, you should switch where on your dog’s neck this collar is placed every hour to two.

Although this collar is water-resistant, you shouldn’t let your dog swim in it and shouldn’t keep it on for more than 12 hours at a time.


  • Affordable
  • Seven levels of shock intensities.
  • The collar’s batteries are shielded from water by a waterproof ring.
  • It has a no-shock mode that can be activated by voice.


  • You should switch where this collar sits every hour or two to prevent irritation.

PetSafe Remote Spray Collar (Premium Choice)

We’ve discovered the perfect alternative for those who aren’t yet ready to shock their dog. To prevent barking, the PetSafe Remote Spray Collar sprays the dog. Aside from the standard beep and vibration alerts, this is an additional function.

Unlike other popular bark collars, this bark collar may be activated remotely and comes with cartridges of either an unscented or citronella-scented spray. You won’t have to stock up too much because it’s set to spray in short bursts. In addition to being rechargeable, the PetSafe Collar has a battery life of about 40 hours.

PetSafe Remote Training Collar - 300 Yard (900 FT) Range - Collar Fits Medium or Large Dogs - Choose from Tone, Vibration, or 15 Levels of Static Stimulation for Training Off Leash Dogs

The fact that this bark control collar can withstand rain or snow is a nice bonus. Both rain and a full dive into the lake count. With the help of this collar and its remote control, you can teach your dog the most effectively. Of course, it won’t work if you’re not there, but with proper training options, your dog should be able to learn to ignore that.

The PetSafe Rechargeable Remote Spray Dog Training Collar uses an odorless or citronella-scented spray and sprays quickly, thanks to the provided cartridges.


  • The spray burst may be activated through remote control.
  • You can use this collar for up to 40 hours after a single charge.
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

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Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar (Ideal for Puppies)

We recommend this adjustable collar for pups under five pounds, but any dog owner will find it useful. In contrast to traditional choke chains, this dog collar does not use static correction. Instead, it employs the utilization of vibration and sound.

We just can’t watch shocking your dear pet. Putting that aside, this bark collar has several great functions.

This fantastic option can also withstand the effects of snow and rain without being damaged. So forget about the weather and use this collar to take your dog for walks whenever you choose.

Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable - Anti Barking Collar for Small Dogs - Smallest Most Humane Stop Barking Collar - Dog Training No Shock Bark Collar Waterproof - Safe Pet Bark Control Device

Furthermore, it offers seven adjustable degrees of intensity, allowing you to tailor it to your dog’s unique personality. For example, a 1-4 correction level should be used with a noisy puppy.

Canines with a “calm” or “moderate” score of 5 to 7 are generally well-behaved and seldom exhibit severe behavioral issues. The cost of this dog collar is minimal (the Finest for Doggies).


  • Quick charging time of 2 hours
  • It has a two-week charge retention time!
  • Waterproof
  • It will use sound and vibration instead of electric shock


  • Does not work for intense barkers

CZCCWD Vibration Bark Collar (Best Waterproof Bark Collar)

Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar with Beep Vibration and Shock,Anti Barking Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs, Humane Dog Training Device with 5 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

Typically, there is just one vibration mode setting on collars with this function. No, not with this muzzle. The CZCCWD vibration bark collar offers five different vibration-correction settings to choose from. You may choose between two vibration locations to divert your dog’s attention and break the cycle of barking.


  • 5 Different Vibration-Correction Permutations
  • Sound and vibration sensor
  • Waterproof


  • Your dog has to wear it tightly so that it works
  • The lowest level of vibration doesn’t work effectively

PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar

PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Timid or Little Dogs over 8 lb., 15 Levels of Automatically Adjusting & Light Static Correction - Rechargeable, Waterproof - Reduces Barking and Whining

PetSafe’s Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar uses static correction and can be charged through USB. One of its greatest strengths is that it can repair errors independently.

Your dog will be subjected to increasing degrees of reprimand until it stops barking, at which point the collar will automatically revert to its original settings. Also, the moderate correction levels on this collar make it a good choice for canines of all sizes, which are very sensitive or timid.


  • Static Correction with 15 Settings
  • Sensing Technology
  • Waterproof
  • Automatic bark collars


  • A little heavy for small dogs

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SportDog SBC-R No Bark Collar

SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar - Programmable, Waterproof Bark Collar

One of three SportDog bark collar types, the SBC-R is effective in taming negative behaviors of dogs as little as 8 pounds and strong enough to deal with larger breeds.

You can customize your dog’s training sessions to fit your preferences with the three different progressive corrections settings.


  • Ten different static-stimulation levels
  • The three selectable programmable modes
  • Bark detection technology
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Waterproof


  • Some report their

BP-504 Barkless Pro Anti Bark Collar by E-Collar Technologies

Educator BP-504 Bark-Less Pro - Anti Bark Collar for Dogs Small, Medium, Large Breed Over 10lb, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Adjustable Stimulation Intensity, Automatic Mode, Tone, Assembled in The USA

The Mini Educator ET-300 is the flagship remote training collar produced by E-Collar Technologies. They also offer one of the greatest bark collars available, which is something that most people don’t know. Anti-bark collars like the BP-504 use static stimulation to quiet your dog. Even canines as tiny as 5 pounds may benefit from this.

As with previous collars, this one has a bark detector. The unique feature of this bark detector is the ability to change the sensitivity. Howling and whimpering are not often addressed by no-bark collars. However, little dogs who have problems with excessive wailing or whining might choose the bark sensitivity setting, which ranges from low to high.


  • Nine levels of correction with static stimulation
  • Three gradations of sensitivity, from low to high
  • A counting bark


  • No LED Display

How Does Small Dogs’ Bark Collars Work?

A bark collar’s in-built sensor is either a microphone or a vibration detector that picks up on your dog’s vocal cords when they’re barking too much.

When the bark collar senses that your dog is barking for no reason, it will let out a diversion, taking its focus away from whatever it was barking at. Eventually, your dog will figure out that excessive barking will get him into trouble. You may now encourage and praise less disruptive actions.

4 Types Of Bark Collars For Small Dogs

Electric Shock Collars

Electronic bark collars are another name for them. The collar will provide a little shock to the dog’s neck when barking is detected.

Spray Collar

This collar sprays a mist onto the dog’s fur in response to unwanted barking. A tiny microphone embedded in the collar may pick up on the dog’s barking. Sprays might either include citronella or have no aroma at all. This type of bark collar is one of the most effective and compassionate methods for eliminating excessive barking.

Ultrasonic Collar

To prevent your dog from barking behavior, an ultrasonic device will send out a high-pitched ultrasonic tone. This tone is undetectable to human hearing but very annoying to dogs.

Vibration Collar

As the name suggests, a vibration bark collar uses vibrations to distract the dog when it detects excessive barking.

Any bark collar, whether electronic or traditional, can only be as successful as its user. Therefore, ensure you know how to use it properly before buying one for your dog. For starters, make sure that the bark collar fits properly. The prongs must be able to maintain constant contact with the dog’s neck without being so tight that the dog experiences any pain.

How to Choose the Perfect Anti-Bark Collar for Your Small Dogs

When selecting a bark collar for a small dog, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because of this, you can select a comfortable collar for you and your dog.

Mind The Size

The receiver’s size is extremely important to consider if you have a little dog. Your tiny dog must have a comfortable bark collar that allows it to move freely.


Distraction collars for barking dogs come in numerous forms, such as those that emit citronella spray, ultrasonic sound, or static shock.

Barking Intensity level

When shopping for a bark collar, it’s important to take into account your dog’s drive (whether they’re timid or obstinate) and your own preferences.


Does your little dog have any special tricks or games it likes to play?

You and your dog should consider how long you expect to require a bark collar. But, of course, it goes without saying that your dog needs a durable and waterproof collar if it enjoys rough play or sticking its head in a bucket of water.

Final Thoughts

If you have a small dog, you may choose from a wide variety of high-quality bark collars. The trick is to get a collar with all the features you and your dog will need.

Having a dog with nuisance barking is frustrating, but with the help of these tools, you can solve that problem quickly. Feel free to contact our support staff if you have any queries or need assistance deciding which option is best for your dog. We’re happy to lend a hand whenever possible.

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